The Power of Symbolic Communication

Classic Star Theory: Kyle talks about fallen angels, alchemy, and the occult nature of many words, symbols, and numbers. By shedding light …Read more

Stopping the Alien Invasion

This show deals with aliens, UFOs, anal probes, the chosen people of ‘God’, energy vampires, and more. Lots of callers share their …Read more

Finding Truth in a Backward Age

I talk about the power of numbers, symbols and synchronicity in the first hour, bringing Wayne from Florida and Drew from Pennsylvania …Read more

Watching Out For The Guard Dogs of God

 This Saturday was one hell of a show.  First I had Will Miller from Second Look on the show to discuss his …Read more

The Magic of Our Alchemical Alphabet

This show covered topics related to what I call “The Rainbow Alphabet”. This is a very large topic that can be tackled …Read more

Reflecting Upon Death and The Devil with Jeremy

I had Jeremy on the show to discuss ideas related to the after life, living in the land of the dead, the …Read more

Wearing Down The Opposition with The Weekend Warriors

The Celtic Rebel, Dennis Fetcho and I are part of Oracle’s weekend crew, but we had been filling in for Lee Rogers …Read more

Covering our Conspiracy Culture with The Celtic Rebel

As the fates would have it, I filled in for Lee Rogers on Live Free or Die Radio on The International Day …Read more

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    • The King of Sync Returns with a Vengeance September 19, 2014
      How could someone so intelligent and well-read become a NAZI? Here are some theories that are being put forth: Lana has infected Henrik’s mind They are now working for some intelligence agency This is a controversial marketing strategy by Red Ice Creations Henrik’s mind is simply “too open” Some recent guests have caused the change […] […]
    • Bold as a Bull, Hungry as a Hunter June 27, 2013
      Dear readers, I hope your summer is going well. Things have been “heating up” for sure. Though I have been away from the blog for a while, I have still been rather busy. This post is not intended to bring you up to speed, but rather to share the interesting “synchronicity” happening over the past […] […]
    • Rectified Thinking in a World at War April 2, 2013
      I have not blogged here for some months now as I have been incredibly busy. After I was ejected from Oracle, I put my efforts into developing Renegade Broadcasting as a powerful platform, free from the old platitudes. One of the necessary steps along the way was to remove the retarding and debasing elements from […] […]
    • The World Is Over, Long Live The World December 21, 2012
      Star Theory Radio will no longer be broadcast on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. Though the station manager did not even have the courtesy to send me a note, I can tell you the reason was not because of lack of listeners. But don’t worry, my friends – this is not the end. In fact, this […] […]
    • A Meeting of The Magicians December 3, 2012
      When this world was young, magicians walked the earth. Things were more malleable then. The magicians were able to forge reality with the force of their will. They crafted consciousness, designed destinies, freed fire, and moved mountains. The magicians shined brilliantly. They moved around frequently, teaching their arts and crafts to all who would receive […]